‘A website is like a flat tyre unless you fix it, you can’t go anywhere’

A Website is a digital identity of your business. In the virtual world, it is the professional and creative design & development of website imparts the benefit of delivering the motive of your business. A dead website is a waste and will not fetch you the benefit you strive for. A highly performing website which effectively delivers the motive and is friendly to the users is what we take effort for.

To promote a business, a professionally designed and developed website is a must. We are the web designing company who encapsulate the professional and latest techniques in development and highly filtering genuine contents. The webpage we design has inbuilt search engine optimization integrated to it so as to ease the optimization techniques of the website.

Website Design

‘User-friendly designs increasing user experience’

Are you thinking the visual effects and imparting colorful designs the only attribute of a web designer? Then you are totally wrong. When it comes to the design of a website, a web designer applies intellect so as to give a professional, best user experience designs. Web designing is the imperative phase in the development of a website. A perfect design encapsulates the intent of the website and the function it needs to perform. Specific to the requirements, our web designers can design the website and also offer design solutions to your existing website. A website design must also fit the needs of the targetted audience. Webpage designing tactics must adhere to the following

  • Perfect site structure to ensure the appropriate content application
  • A website must deliver the information promptly and thus must ensure information flow
  • Every design we apply, we keep in mind the user, their comforts and interest. The best website can result in a higher user experience
  • To impart aesthetics to the design, apt chose of colors, layout, and iconography is important

Incorporating the strategies to enable repeated visits and thus enabling it as a sturdy branding tool. But, the access to information is made simple. A poor experience of the website can lead to loss of your potential sales, thus designing with a touch professionalism and creativity is what we imply.

Content Management

‘We don’t create content as we like, instead, we craft contents to sharply shoot the target audience.’

A website is zero without a quality content and contents are the medium of conversation between viewers and owners. Marketing strategies with quality, creative and captivating contents are always appealing for the customers and can make them draw towards you. It is in the hands of the content management team to boost your website’s search engine optimization. Without genuine content, SEO is zero. We make sure that the website we design has quality, plagiarism free contents, aptly delivering the motive of the business. Relevant contents for marketing are placed where the actual target audience is and the content crafting is done adhering to the marketing strategy for the efficient lead building. To click your business we adopt the following content marketing strategies.

Website Development

‘Integrating Clean codes in the website development with inbuilt Search Engine Optimisation’


The best website development company must be versatile to handle any type of website requirements. The codes must be professional but simple enough for the users to handle. Creativity is what the best website development caters to. It is a challenging task to incorporate user demands in languages and platforms. A perfect website must have clean codes which are well commanded, tested, organized across the platforms. Also, the codes we develop are development independent and the website is a non-breaking one. Setup a single dashboard for managing your website and easy access.

Legally safe Designs

We ensure that the legal requirements are met regarding design, content, and images.

Flawless Content

All the contents we manage is filtered and have undergone proofreading

Integrated SEO

Basic SEO enabled development is incorporated with perfect meta titles and description. The internal pages are also optimized and can enable the call to action, generating leads.

Fast loading Websites

Visitors need to be interested and to make them engaged, a fastly loading website is a necessity.

E-commerce Websites

‘The trend of today, E-commerce. Be the premier in the field with creative E-commerce website design.’

How we click the right button?

Amongst your competitors, if you are able to stand out, then the success is yours. We can develop the designs for your websites, where your services stand-out from the competitors. We deploy the following

  • Creative website design & templates
  • User-friendly codes in the development
  • Captivating contents, images & videos
  • Integrating data privacy and network security
  • Fast loading website
  • Legal requirements fulfilled
  • Integrating Payment Module
  • Customer analytics and insights

Relevance of E-Commerce-

How often we go to a supermarket or garment store? Yes, we do but in a busy life schedule, we got acquainted with something called ‘instant’. Ordering online is made a trend now. Choosing our favorite one from the list and exciting discounts made us clued to these E-Commerce websites. We are using the Internet as an electronic medium for transactions in E-commerce and now, a plenty of e-commerce businesses are sprouting up. You need a skilled and best e-commerce website designer to excel here.

Requirements for a successful E-commerce Website-

Integrating the tools and ideas of a successful e-commerce website building, your business can soar to a higher level. It is the perfect space for converting your leads into customers and trigger the increase in traffic. To carry out this, efficient strategies must be integrated into the website design and development, of which user-friendly and user engaging tactics must be applied. The browsers must make an order is the target but our strategies are to make them re-order. The catchy contents, images, page navigations, Ad promotions in social media, understanding the product demand can ensure a successful e-commerce business.

Responsive Websites

‘Gone are those days when we wait to fetch our desktop and laptop for browsing a page. Make it responsive now!’

As per the data, the number of smartphone users is going to double in the coming years and we make sure that your website fits the interface of any device. It is required to shed the notion that responsive websites are a luxury. This is utterly wrong as responsive websites have become a necessity now. Responsive websites require an easy reading, comfortable user-review, designs devoid of excessive scrolling, non-adaptive images and unfriendly layouts.

Web interfaces are made suitable to review in windows, IOS or Android. Our team in the process of every website development make sure that user experience is not worsened. A highly performing website is the greatest asset of a business.

Browser Compatibility


What is the important criterion in determining the quality of a website? It is the ability of that website to perform optimally across various browsers. We call it ‘Browser Compatibility’. Modern day websites must adhere to this feature as people use different browsers for loading a website. Browser compatibility is interpreted as the ability of a browser to interpret HTML codes of the website easily.

The website development by Innowiz Technologies makes sure that this criterion, where regardless of version a website must be compatible in multiple browsers is applied. Some of the testing methods include

Cross Browser testing is the check done to know the Browser Compatibility. There are certain factors to be checked prior to ensuring the feature. But, if you desire to have a wide reach to the customers with varied use of browsers, applying the capability of browser compatibility is a necessity.

Blog creation


With readers on the internet who surfs for blogs on varied ideas and concepts, the importance of blog creation in website development is soaring high. The benefit of creating blogs are many when it comes to the search engine optimization and popularity. The ideas and more detailed information can be conveyed through blogs. Our expert content management team can handle any kind of blog subjects and SEO friendly writing styles will be incorporated. Blog creation can be done on two different domains.

On your Website!

Most of the web pages of service industries include a blog page where the articles and blogs of the related contents of the services are posted. The presence of such page on the website can increase the number of engaged users as they skim through the blogs. The use of search engine optimization methods using keywords can be incorporated to increase the chances of google to find your page.

A page for blogs

With a blog, your day to day activities of social relevance can be shared. Our development team can create a webpage to post your blogs sharing day-to-day relevant activities. For example, any social commitment. Branding through blogs is an excellent strategy and we can promote personal branding through the same.