We listen to our clients, study their business, inspect the market, target the traffic, generate leads

Harnessing the implements of the latest technology as well as cohering together the conventional methods, we devise a strategy to ignite the business of our clients. When it comes to the business of your firm, we initiate from your digital identity, 'The website' and its design, development, promotion in Google using Search Engine Optimisation Strategy, Digital marketing through the greatest marketing tool of the internet, the Social Media. And, the efficacious cost-effective methods of lead generation tactics. They indeed act with all its punch to lure the inevitable inbound enquiries.

Innowiz Technologies is here to customize products for our clients and not to find clients for our products. Embracing this notion in our vision, we, Innowiz technologies, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, had our inception, headquartered at Trivandrum, Kerala in 2014. In 2015, we have commenced our branches at Saudi Arabia and Bangalore as the stepping stones of success. It has been two years since to have our branch at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. When it comes to representing our clients internationally we have a dedicated consultant who can meet your clients at various locations like Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, US, and the UK. As far as we have such professionals of genius, your customers never have to be in fear and suspicion about your complete satisfaction in the services provided. We continuously strive to provide the most dynamic mode of all products available in the market at the best prices accompanied by the best service in the industry. Being the best and bringing the best to you is our relentless pursuit.

We foster a dynamic, passionate, skilled and creative team who work combined to deliver services that cross our client's expectation.

Our Grail

We have extended our breadth of vision and are in a perpetual endeavour to prevail as a digital marketing company to provide end-to-end solutions to our client's challenges and striving to deliver efficacious cost-effective marketing strategies, so as to regulate the advertisement budget wastage to our customers and offer quality number of leads for incrementing their prospects.

Our Pursuit

Devising best lead generation practices for effectively reducing the Ad budget of our clients concurrently assuring 100% qualified specified number of leads. In the current scenario, a business owner has to invest more in advertising and of which, maximum of them are reaching an untargeted audience, to get low-quality leads. We work to eradicate this ad budget wastage of our client and generate quality leads.

Our Credence

We have built a strong bedrock of confidence in delivering high- quality services to our customers and since we are ardent in devising strategies that are efficient enough to prosper the business of our client, we can proudly say that our customers are satiated. We will take along our client-centric services as far as we prevail in this industry. We believe in the talents of our adept team, the reason for our foothold in the industry.


Meet your clients here

Here at Listincs, the Business Service providers and service seekers can equally utilise the platform. Profiled in Social Media, Listincs is a unique platform where services, products, offers, are shared by dealers and on reviewing which the posts can reach to the desired customers and vice-versa.




The foremost thing u can be certain about us is that of the simplicity which we utter as our slogan. Just as it should, you can anticipate a very simple output and that is returned in all its unpretentiousness which will for sure capture the eye of each and every customers.


To make a product of the highest quality accompanied by the predictions of customers can never be a trouble-free task but rather it calls for a fine work with finesse. We here have got professionals of high mastery to provide you with the best product available in the market.


Our labour never contents itself within the confines of our country but extends throughout the whole world, particularly in most of the developed nations. We zoom in on rendering services to all the firms across the world.


Making it lucrative is not our concern. Products of high quality, providing the best results at a low price are to be emanated is our ultimate purpose, leaving all the customers happy and content.


We are at your service. A customer's total satisfaction is the topmost priority we regard. Our service ends not with the delivery of products but only when the output of the content is recognized by our client. You, customers, can very well be sure of the best after-sale service. Our work doesn’t end at delivering the content. It ends only when the result of the content is achieved by our client. Safeguarding the interests of our valuable customer is the top priority of our business. We provide our clients with the best after-sale services.


You must never be disinclined to present your requirements with the assumption of we trying our hands at the products demanded. We have certainly got here the panacea for all the problems in the IT field. It will indeed be quite a booming or rather successful technology that our work team of up to the minute and innovatory knowledge gives you. Since all our products have been preplanned by our veteran professionals in the IT industry.


Building your prospects

To ignite your business, you need customers. Are you following the effective strategy in generating your leads? How many leads remain genuine after filtering? If it is very scarce, you are simply wasting your budget on ads of no use. Effective B2B lead generation tactics employ reaching out to the right place where your target market lives on the web. It needs intensive market study and targetted approach with effective online search behaviour analyses and focussing on inbound call generation. We follow the blended strategy of both traditional as well as latest techniques to generate leads and we can help you connect directly with your prospects after manually verifying the generated leads thus assuring a qualified number of leads.


Standing Out Factor

Are you not getting genuine leads? Or are you simply wasting your budget on promotions to a poor traffic? If yes, this is the time to know our USP. We designed our strategy to beat this factor. We are the only Digital marketing company in South India to commit and assure the specified number of lead generations which is 100% genuine and all side qualified manually. For any business, if the qualified leads generated are high so is the sales conversion factor.